Climate Change

Global warming and climate change are rapidly being recognised - by governments, industry and consumers worldwide – to be the most serious challenge facing the human race now and into the future. Emerald Planet has been active in this arena for many years with its current activity focusing through two companies:

Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly is a leading global retailer/distributor of carbon management solutions, including renewable energy and carbon offsets, to the voluntary market. CF is a recognised and trusted brand that inspires customers to take action on climate change. This recognition and influence plus CF's range of products and services has enabled the company to grow to become the number one climate brand in Australia and in the top 4 retail carbon offset companies in the world.

Climate Friendly is part of the South Pole Group which is the world's largest carbon offset company. Together with the technical resources of the South Pole Group, Climate Friendly offers the following services:

GoldPower™ renewable energy. In 2009 Climate Friendly created the world's first global renewable energy product, GoldPower, which is supported by WWF. GoldPower is a Renewable Electricity Certificate from projects in developing countries. When a client buys GoldPower, renewable electricity is generated in a developing country to equal the organisations electricity consumption.




A decade in the making, STWA has turn-key solutions and licensable intellectual property that address many of the inefficiencies and hidden opportunities held in heavy industry and energy production industries, making existing production methods and power-generation equipment more efficient and more eco-friendly, profitably.

STWA owns the worldwide manufacturing and marketing rights to 3 revolutionary technologies:

AOT™ efficient fluid viscosity reduction technology.
ELEKTRA™ fuel efficiency technology for diesel engines.
MAGChargr™ for cars and light trucks.