Environmental Technology

As trustee of the Emerald Planet Trust, Michael Robison was a founding shareholder and Managing Director of an environmental technology incubator that provided services which included recruitment of executive teams and corporate boards, project management and direction, screening and verification of technologies, market assessment, and supply of funding throughout the project. The incubator invested over $2million of seed capital and raised in excess of $10 million of venture capital directly into these companies for their initiation and development.

DoloMatrix International Ltd


DoloMatrix International Limited - based in Australia and the Philippines - provides unique solutions for the cost-effective treatment of sludges and solids containing hazardous and other complex waste materials. DoloMatrix developed and owns worldwide intellectual property rights to the Dolocrete® Micro-encapsulation Technology. The flexibility of this technology allows it to be tailored to each customer's needs, yet robust to meet the world's most stringent environmental standards. Our dedicated team at DoloMatrix is working towards creating a safer and cleaner environment for us all.

Photonic Detection Systems

The Weed Sensor and Spraying System project involves a partnership between ECU and Photonic Detection Systems Pty Ltd and seeks to develop an automated crop-spraying system that can discriminate among any number of crops, weeds and soils in a field at the travelling speed of a farming vehicle. Using laser technology, the system discriminates among plants and soils by distinguishing wavelengths in the near-infrared. With a series of sensors mounted onto a vehicle spanning the width of the spraying boom, the system sprays herbicides on weeds only and not on the crop. The same system also can scan a field for sought-after plants and can record their locations. This system could cut herbicide costs by up to $640 million annually, and improve crop yields by up to 30%. The development will be a world-first technology for agricultural weed control and the system will revolutionise current crop spraying methods with a fully automated, laser-driven weed sensing technique.

Emerald Planet Limited also invests in companies that have leading edge environmental technologies:

Powerhouse Energy Inc


PowerHouse Energy has expanded its original Distributed-Generation (DG) business to include ultra-high temperature thermal reactor technology.Having recently completed its equity investment and exclusive licensing rights with the technology's developer - Pyromex Holding AG of Switzerland, PowerHouse now offers integrated waste and biomass-to-energy systems on a turnkey basis. These zero-emission systems convert a wide range of waste and biomass materials into useful energy products; these include syngas, hydrogen, electricity and liquid fuels (under development).PowerHouse has the ability to scale its systems and energy services - giving the Company the flexibility to address individual customers' needs.