Sustainable Development

Emerald Valley Villa *

Emerald Valley Villa is a unique and very private estate situated in the lush Hinterland above Byron Bay, Australia. It was developed by Michael Robison, the founder of Emerald Planet, and embodies his vision of intelligent, luxurious and sustainable living.

Overlooking one of Australia's finest remnant rainforests, the Villa features an exquisite 4 bedroom hand-crafted house complete with private spa & steam room, a large pool terrace with panoramic views, fragrant tropical gardens, covered courtyards, meditation ponds, a secluded river-front pavilion and even its own waterfall.

Michael went to great lengths to preserve the complex bio-diversity of flora & fauna on the property – including an abundance of wildlife such as koalas, platypus, rare frogs and blue kingfishers. The buildings feature beautiful recycled materials and function with a fully carbon- neutral / sustainable footprint. Solar and green power, pure ground water and water recycling, organic gardens and many other features demonstrate a truly harmonious approach to living on the Earth.

Emerald Valley Villa was developed as Michael Robison’s private residence in Australia and was sold in February 2010.

*Note: This is a permalink to the Emerald Valley Villa website as it existed when Michael was the owner.